Lark means joyous, happy, laughter — it also symbolizes the dawn of a new day. Much like the fire and the rebirth of the building. Much like the start of a new chapter in your life.

where it all began

The story of The Lark is one of rebirth.

From the ashes of the Great Fire of 1901, the Bryan Building, which now houses The Lark, rose as one of the city’s key historical landmarks.

Architects and builders flocked to the city in unprecedented numbers, helping to shape a new skyline made of brick, stone, concrete and steel. What unfurled among the new structures was a Jacksonville transformed — a city reborn — into a modern, twentieth century destination.

And nested amid Jacksonville’s Renaissance was the Bryan Building.

Designed by architect Carlos B. Schoeppl of St. Augustine and Jacksonville, the building is a restrained example of the Beaux Arts style applied to a traditional commercial building. Its exposed brick and original woodwork harken back to Jacksonville’s renaissance and the subsequent boom Florida experienced throughout the 1920s.

Located in downtown Jacksonville, at the heart of the city’s governmental center, near James Weldon Johnson Park, city hall and federal courthouse, the building for many years housed Underwood Jewelers, one of Jacksonville’s oldest retail businesses.

Now, much like the bird whose name it bears, The Lark houses our future: an event space dedicated to joyous moments and lifelong memories. Whether you’re looking to host your wedding, a private party, a rehearsal dinner or more, The Lark welcomes you in.

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